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Rapid Deals is committed to eliminate all your worries related with property management. Our Property Management Supervisory Service will make sure that there are either no or very few complications in the transaction procedure. We are here to re-define the asset management service.


Timely renewal of contract

Rapid Deals understands the importance of time. With an intention to provide the best real-estate services to the customers, Rapid Deals timely renews the contract. This allows us to eliminate all unwanted services and we address the key requirements of clients in a better way. The renewed contract includes changes, if any, so that the client can continue with our services in a hassle free manner. We are also aware about the psychology of investors and tenants. So, our team suggests the best options to the clients during the contract renewal process.

Combination of technology, experience and techniques

The team of Rapid Deals makes use of experience, technology and technique to deliver tailored solutions to the clients. We constantly update ourselves with innovative approaches and modify business plans to provide customers with sufficient options. We make sure the environment is hassle free for our valued client. You can find us standing 24/7 at your service. By integrating technology and promising techniques, we manage to save time and money for the customers. From collecting the cheque to deposition, our representatives eliminate the hassles of standing in long queues. The intricately designed service of Rapid Deals also keeps a complete record of payments and cheques.


Property inspection

Rapid Deals works in a systematic manner. In order to determine the value of the property, our home inspector conducts necessary investigations. Issues such as condition of roof/ceiling, cooling system, fire and safety issues must be addressed. Timely property inspection helps in bringing down repair and maintenance costs. Moreover, periodic intervals also bring win-win situations for both tenants and landlords. It is like killing two birds with one stone

  • The tenants are shielded by any surprise trouble
  • The landlords who are already aware about condition of the property can proceed with necessary actions

Complete record of Property Maintenance

There is no dearth of asset management companies but what brings Rapid Deals in the elite category is the finest utilization of technology. Our latest CRM systems keep a detailed track record of activities performed on any specific property. Necessary evidence of damage is collected in form of videos and images which is then stored into CRM. This also allows the landlord to check comprehensive reports regardless of time and conclude the exact condition of the property. The landlord can easily determine how much maintenance work has been carried out.


Property snagging

Personnels of Rapid Deals are appreciated for their attentiveness. We inspect all the sections of the property and look for broken hinges, faulty lines. We ensure proper rectification and modification has been carried out before you are given the possession of your brand new property. Most of us are in a mood of excitement after purchasing a new property. However, necessary self inspection must be carried out so that defects and flaws can be fixed free of charge. Early identification of small flaws and errors allows timely repairs to be carried out. This also improves the service life span of the property. Our trained inspectors take a look at issues such as -

  • Broken hinges
  • Ceiling bumps
  • Faulty wiring
  • Damaged tiles
  • Poor condition of paintwork
  • Damaged and leaking pipes

Once the inspection work is accomplished, a detailed report about the actual condition of property is prepared. The report is stored with our facility management supervisory team.

Tenant pre qualification

Tenant screening and pre-qualification are pivotal stages in the process of renting out the property. Often, very valuable time is wasted in discussing irrelevant topics. In the process of tenant pre qualification, we enquire about their requirements and determine what they have been looking for. After asking the necessary questions, the available options are offered to clients. Such steps save time for both parties and the closure ratio is always praiseworthy.

Once the process of tenant pre-qualification is carried out, it is the time to conduct screening. The personal details of tenants such as their name, identification and contact details are collected. It is equally necessary to conclude whether they have potential to afford the chosen option. The reliability of their statement is then verified after examining earlier records. Salary slips and certificates are to be produced by tenants to prove their source of income.


Advantage of property Management Supervisory

Landlords who possess property in Dubai must avail our services. You can discuss all your requirements with us. Each property is unique in its own way and so are its needs. We fully acknowledge this fact. For each individual property, a separate legal contract management supervisory services is drafted. It is then authorized by Dubai Real Estate Regularly Authority (RERA). Each contract highlights the range of services that Rapid Deals Property Management Supervisory Services offers in its package. This also gives a brief idea to the landlord about the level of our services.

Through mutual agreement the annual contracts can be renewed each year. As per the nature and level of work, the property management supervisory fees are mutually agreed. Detailed reports are shared on a timely basis by a dedicated account manager who notifies the landlord about the situation of property and gives necessary updates. Those landlords who owe multiple properties avail our service. We act as a centralized point of contact and help landlords to manage their properties efficiently and effectively. Our systematic framework eliminates most of the hassles and also reduces maintenance cost in the long run.

Need for Property Management Supervisory service

The contract of Rapid Deals offers a comprehensive range of services that covers all miscellaneous issues and concerns. Our flexible and tailored packages aim to provide finest solutions by integrating latest technology, experience and techniques. Rapid Deals only makes use of time-tested techniques that are updated on a periodic basis to continue supplying the clients with cutting edge services. Rapid Deals enjoys a strong and loyal client base. We fully facilitate clients to view and analyze track records thus empowering them to make rational decisions. The representatives of Rapid Deals are alert and they keep record of all issues. Hence, clients opt for contract renewal without a second thought.


Save your time, money and energy after associating with us

Property supervision services have attained popularity due to following factors:

  • Owner of the property residing overseas
  • Landlords have no time to manage their property/ properties
  • Landlords are unaware about local rental laws and procedures
  • Landlords have little or no interest in dealing with tenants

Rapid Deals is committed to save your time, money, energy and efforts. You will experience complete peace of mind and receive maximum rental yield. Feel free to contact us and we will take care of your tenants and property.

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